The Co-op hosts a variety of free events including parties, in-store demos, barbeques, live music, and owner appreciation days. Everyone is welcome to participate. We also support our local community by co-sponsoring events in the community. Check the Co-op calendar for upcoming activities.


October 2016
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, 09/25 Mon, 09/26

Cooking with Sea Vegetables with Kate MacKenzie

Tue, 09/27

Wonton and Char Siu with Robert Fong

Wed, 09/28

Member Affairs Committee Meeting

Bokashi Composting with Nicole and Coulby Styles

Thu, 09/29

Autumn Soups for the Body and Soul with Karina Davidson

Fri, 09/30 Sat, 10/1
Sun, 10/2 Mon, 10/3

Raw Desserts with Sara Southerland

Tue, 10/4

Delaying Diabetes with Selva Wohlgemuth, RDN

Salish Sea Food is canceled

Wed, 10/5

Good and Cheap with Karina Davidson

Thu, 10/6

Mexican Kitchen: Sopas and Empanadas with Ana Jackson

Fri, 10/7

First Friday at the Co-op

Sat, 10/8

Member-Owner Appreciation Day: Cordata store

Sun, 10/9 Mon, 10/10

Cooking with Spices with Jesse Otero

Scents and Sensibility with Mystique Grobe, ND, LAc, and Deb Raper

Tue, 10/11

A Touch of Thai with Robert Fong

Eating with the Seasons is canceled

Wed, 10/12

Take Control of Your Hormonal Health with Jim Ehmke, CN

Board of Directors Meeting

Thu, 10/13

Thirty-Minute Meals with Cindy McKinney

Fri, 10/14 Sat, 10/15

Member-Owner Appreciation Day: Downtown store

Sun, 10/16 Mon, 10/17

Natural Fermentation with Andrew Walton

Tue, 10/18

Gluten-Free Baking with Jean Layton, ND

Introduction to Depth Hypnosis is canceled

Wed, 10/19

Wellness with Essential Oils with Michelle Mahler

Thu, 10/20

Healthy and Delicious Treats with Demetree Robinson

Natural Approaches to Inflammation with Jonathan Ley

Fri, 10/21 Sat, 10/22

Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen with Cindy McKinney

Sun, 10/23 Mon, 10/24

Daily Self-Care Practices with Katrina Svoboda Johnson

Tue, 10/25

Anti-Inflammation Menu with Selva Wohlgemuth, RDN

Wed, 10/26

Member Affairs Committee Meeting

Basic Nutrients with Jim Ehmke, CN

Doctober Screening: "Seed: The Untold Story"

Thu, 10/27

Better Brain Health with Carolyn Hallett, CCH

Fri, 10/28 Sat, 10/29
Sun, 10/30 Mon, 10/31 Tue, 11/1

Italian Vegetarian has been canceled by the instructor

Mushrooms and Human Ecology and Health with Robin Yeager

Wed, 11/2

Detox and Fasting with Jim Ehmke, CN

Orchard Mason Bee Care with Valeri Wade

Thu, 11/3

Art of Wine: Central Europe with Ryan Wildstar

Fri, 11/4

Freedom from Food Obsession with Sharon Mayson and Ann Whitney, RN, MSN

Sat, 11/5

Events in October 2016

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