(from left) Brooks Dimmick, Caroline Kinsman (front), Mariah Ross, Megan Westgate, Laura Ridenour, Brent Harrison, Jades Flores, Zach Zink, Melissa Morin

Board of Directors

See the Co-op calendar for Board and Committee meetings.
Upcoming meetings:
Board meeting — Wednesday, Feb. 10, 7 pm, Co-op Connections Building, 405 E. Holly St., Suite 103
Member Affairs Committee meeting — Wednesday, February 24, 5:30 pm, Co-op Connections Building, 405 E. Holly St., Suite 103

Co-op member-owners elect a nine-member Board of Directors to guide the Community Food Co-op. This leadership and policy-setting group reports to the member-owners and is responsible for the planning, review, and oversight of the Co-op.

The Board meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm alternately at the Connections Building, 405 E. Holly St. and at the Cordata Local Roots room, 315 Westerly Road. All member-owners are welcome. Each meeting starts with a 10-minute member-owner forum. Member-owners are encouraged to share what’s on  your mind with your Board. To participate in the member-owner forum, contact Board Administrator Jean Rogers in advance, at 360-734-8158 or, by the first Monday of the month, if possible. Board meeting minutes are posted here and agendas, meeting minutes, and any location changes are also posted on bulletin boards at the front of each store.

Learn more:
Board Committees
Annual Report for 2013
Board Working Policies
Board Approved By-laws
Co-op Governance
2015-2016 Board Profiles

2015-2016 Board Members

Mariah Ross, Board Chair | 2012/2018
Brooks Dimmick, Board Vice Chair | 2005/2017
Megan Westgate | 2010/2016
Brent Harrison | 1987/2016
Laura Ridenour | 2014/2017
Jade Flores, Staff Rep. | 2014/2017
Caroline Kinsman | 2013/2018
Melissa Morin | 2013/2016
Zach Zink | 2015/2018

*Board members are elected for three-year terms. The first year in each listing is the year the board member was elected.

Community Food Co-op Strategic Plan

Read the 10-year Strategic Plan for our Co-op; developed in 2012 by the Board’s Strategic Planning Committee.

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